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Introducing MCE Energy Rewards2019-01-30T23:13:43-08:00

A 2015 Summer Program


With the MCE Energy Rewards program, local business leaders are helping to save energy and protect the environment when it matters the most.

Participating businesses are helping to reduce stress on California’s power grid by lowering the energy consumption at their facilities over a few days this summer when electricity demand is especially high!

Why does it matter?

The electric grid is a shared resource that touches nearly everyone’s life. It’s similar to the network of roads in California–like a roadway that allows electricity to travel to the state’s homes and businesses.

Just as a roadway can be clogged with traffic during commute hours, the grid can become congested when everyone wants to use electricity at the same time. In California, this mostly happens on hot, summer days, when air conditioners are running at full force.

When the electric grid is congested, California has to turn on its most expensive and most polluting power plants. Sometimes the state even has to build new power plants in order to meet demand on the hottest days of the year. When you reduce your electricity usage during these critical times of day, you protect the grid and the environment, and you save money.

MCE Energy Rewards is a community program where our customers temporarily reduce their energy consumption for a few hours on a hot day, when the grid needs their help the most.

Want to participate?

Contact us to see if your business qualifies. Email to learn more.