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Joint Powers Agreement – Legally established MCE on December 19, 2008

Ordinances – Community ordinances establishing membership with MCE

Operating Rules & Procedures – MCE Bylaws

MCE Implementation Plan – Revised and certified by the California Public Utilities Commission (CPUC) in July 2014

Plan Certification Letter – CPUC letter certifying MCE’s revised September 2014 Implementation Plan

2015 Resolutions

Resolution 2015-06: Certifying Final EIR for Richmond Solar PV Project
Resolution 2015-05: Approving Activation of Non-Revolving Credit Agreement with River City Bank
Resolution 2015-04: Approving Non-Revolving Credit Agreement with River City Bank
Resolution 2015-03: MCE to Serve as Liaison for PACE Programs
Resolution 2015-02: Establishing Date, Time & Location of MCE Mtgs
Resolution 2015-01: Honoring Board Member Larry Bragman

2014 Resolutions

Resolution 2014-08: Approving City of El Cerrito as MCE Member
Resolution 2014-07: Honoring Founding Board Member Damon Connolly
Resolution 2014-06: Approving City of Benicia as an MCE Member
Resolution 2014-05: Adopting Amendment 8 to MCE Joint Powers Agreement
Resolution 2014-04: Approving City of San Pablo as MCE Member
Resolution 2014-03: Approving County of Napa As An MCE Member
Resolution 2014-02: Authorizing Executive Officer to Transact Business with River City Bank
Resolution 2014-01: Honoring MCE Board Member Ken Wachtel

2013 Resolutions

Resolution 2013-12: Approving Revised Net Energy Metering Tariff
Resolution 2013-11: Adopting Amendment 7 to the MCE Joint Powers Agreement
Resolution 2013-10: Honoring Board Member Len Rifkind
Resolution 2013-09: Approving Affiliate Membership Process for New Parties to join MCE
Resolution 2013-08: Authorizing Approval of Agreement with First Community Bank
Resolution 2013-07: Honoring MCE Board Member Alexandra Cock
Resolution 2013-06: Approving Agreement with River City Bank for On-Bill Repayment Program
Resolution 2013-05: Commemorating the Life and Legacy of Richard “Dick” Collins
Resolution 2013-04: Authorizing Executive Officer to Enter Into and Execute Contracts
Resolution 2013-03: Honoring MCE Board Member Jonathan Leone
Resolution 2013-02: Honoring MCE Board Member Thomas Cromwell
Resolution 2013-01: Honoring MEA Board Member Richard Collins

Richmond Solar PV Project Final Environmental Impact ReportPart I (pdf) and Part II (pdf)
This report describes the 10.5 MW Richmond Solar One project as well as the environmental impacts, mitigation measures, and residual impacts associated with its implementation.

Integrated Resource Plan Annual Update (pdf)
This annually-updated plan documents the energy procurement policy guidelines, goals and requirements established by the MCE Board of Directors.

Understanding MCE’s Greenhouse Gas Emission Factor – Calendar Year 2013 (pdf)
A key tenet of MCE’s mission, and a charter objective of the agency, is to reduce energy related greenhouse gas emissions through the development and use of various clean energy resources.