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+2,400 California Jobs

Our commitment to community and the environment goes beyond simply supplying renewable power. We partner with local organizations and businesses to bring jobs home by investing in new community-based solar projects. We also follow a Sustainable Workforce Policy, adopted by our Board of Directors. Our contracted power projects have supported more than 2,400 California jobs.

MCE currently employs 30 individuals from in and around the communities we serve. MCE also contracts for services from local providers in accounting, information technology, legal services, catering services, and energy efficiency. MCE currently has contracts with 34 local vendors and 20 non-local vendors.

San Rafael Airport Solar Project

As a model of business working to create local green jobs, Synapse Electric hired 20 workers, identified by the Marin City Community Development Corporation, a local job training program for low-income individuals, and CLP Resources, to install the panels. Following the installation, Synapse ended up hiring three new locally-based full-time employees to continue helping with other projects.

San Rafael-based REP Energy designed the installation, and the REC Group manufactured 85 percent of the solar panels, which are American-made. Power-One supplied all of the inverters, which are also American-made.

The project was financed locally by the Bank of Marin and businessman Joe Shekou.

Energy Efficiency Jobs

MCE has contracted more than $200,000 with RichmondBUILD, the Marin City Community Development Corporation, and Rising Sun Energy Center to train and provide workers to help implement energy upgrades for our energy efficiency programs.

MCE is joining with Richmond Works on a new solar installation that will employ local residents under the Richmond Local Hire Ordinance.